Common Causes of Tooth Pain


We usually have a good idea about what to do if we are experiencing pain in most areas. For example, simply taking a pain reliever can cure a headache, and pain in the limbs is likely due to a pulled muscle, which will heal within a few days. Tooth pain, however, can be scary, as it can have many different causes. Here are the most common causes of tooth pain and how they are treated by our Los Angeles dentist.


Tooth infections cause acute and consistent pain that may be difficult to pin point. They occur when decay has been left untreated and reaches the center of a tooth, infecting its pulp. The pain is caused by the decay affecting the tooth’s nerves.


If you are experiencing a sharp, zinging pain when eating and drinking hot or cold substances, or even when simply being exposed to extreme temperatures, you are suffering from sensitive teeth. This is due to a lack of enamel on the teeth, which may have diminished due to eating too many acidic foods, lack of dental hygiene, or conversely, brushing the teeth too hard.

Old restorations

Pain coming from a specific tooth or area may be due to a crown or filling. Sometimes these come loose because they have sustained damage, other times simply because they are too old. This is particularly true of restorations containing mercury, which is no longer used in dentistry for this very reason.

If you are experiencing any level of tooth pain, make an appointment with our expert in treatment of tooth pain in Los Angeles as soon as possible.