When is Smile Makeover a Good Option?


Our practice sees numerous patients who have a variety of issues with their smiles. It is very rare for someone to have a single cosmetic dental problem. In order to help our patients, achieve their best smiles, we often suggest a smile makeover.

Often, patients are familiar with the term smile makeover but are not entirely sure what it really means. A smile makeover is a grouping of elective cosmetic dental procedures. It is performed to give a patient the smile of their dreams.

A smile makeover is a good option when a patient has several dental issues that they would like us to correct. Our Tarzana cosmetic dentist develops an individual care plan for each patient’s makeover. The individualized plan is necessary because no two patients will need precisely the same procedures to create their perfect smile.

It is essential for our patients to understand that a smile makeover can be a lengthy process and it will not be complete in one or two visits. It is not uncommon for a makeover to take several weeks. If dental implants are a part of the makeover, the process may take months because of the healing time involved in the process.

For smile makeovers, all of the cosmetic dentistry treatments are available. Our dentist will talk with you about available treatments and expected results during your consultation. The options you can choose from include:
• Bridges
• Crowns
• Dental Bonding
• Dental Implants
• Porcelain or Resin Veneers
• Teeth Whitening
• Tooth Colored Fillings

After your initial consultation, our dentist will schedule the stages of your smile makeover. Remember that this is an estimated time frame which is affected by things such as healing time and longer than expected waits for components made in the dental lab. As you get closer to the complete makeover, you will be amazed at the changes you see. Once our dentist completes your makeover, you can share your beautiful smile with the world.

If you are interested in learning more about smile makeovers and what our dental staff can do to make you proud of your smile, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Benefits in Getting a Smile Makeover

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Regular dentistry is essential for keeping your smile healthy, but cosmetic dentistry can give you an attractive smile. If you are self-conscious about your smile, we can help. Our smile makeover before and after images can show you the many ways a smile can be renewed, improved and transformed. We can help you find the right treatments for your smile.

The benefits of a healthy smile are clear, but there are benefits associated with a smile makeover, too, including:

• Improved self-confidence because you feel good about your smile and your appearance
• Better social well-being as you are more willing to engage in new environments and with new people
• Stronger work performance as you become more confident in your professional life

Many people who undergo smile makeovers even discover that they enjoy better dental health after their treatments. Once their smiles look better, they find they are more motivated to take good care of their smiles. Taking proper care of your teeth can keep them looking as good as they did immediately after your makeover and is essential for maintaining your new smile. It can also help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Call our dental office today to learn more about what a smile makeover can do for you or to schedule your appointment.

Smile Makeovers and What You Should Know about Them

Group of friendsYou have probably heard a lot about smile makeovers, especially recently. Increasingly popular, these cosmetic makeovers are designed to help you to achieve the best smile possible. Stronger, more attractive teeth are possible when you get the right type of work completed by your dental care provider.

You will first want to have a consultation with a dentist who is qualified in cosmetic procedures. Various cosmetic and orthodontic treatments can be used to create a plan that is customized to your unique desires. The first order of treatment will be to make sure your teeth are stable and healthy. Damage or decay of the teeth and gums will need to be addressed.

Once your teeth and gums are in good shape, other corrective enhancements can be made. If you only need whitening done, your smile makeover can be completed in no time. However, if you need a variety of services in order to get the smile that you want, such as one you may have seen in a smile makeover before and after picture, your series of procedures can be a much longer process in order to get the smile you want.

The Difference a Nice Smile Can Make

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A recent survey revealed that almost 95 percent of Americans notice a person’s smile before they notice anything else, and almost 90 percent say beautiful smiles are memorable. Smiles can make a big first impression, but that first impression can be good or bad. A beautiful smile can get you noticed on the job or out on the town while a self-conscious or hidden smile can cause other people to look right past you.

Not everyone has a nice smile naturally, but everyone can have one with cosmetic dentistry. A smile makeover can transform your smile using some of the most proven and advanced treatments in modern dentistry, including:

• Teeth whitening
• Enamel contouring
• Dental bonding
• Orthodontics
• Gum contouring
• Porcelain veneers and Lumineers
• Dental implants
• Dental crowns and bridges

No two smile makeovers are alike, and we consider your individual facial features and smile characteristics when designing your new look.

Once your new smile is complete, you will really learn just how much of a difference a new smile can make. You can feel more confident in your everyday interactions and might just find yourself smiling more frequently. Call our office today to check out our gallery of smile makeover before and after pictures or to schedule an appointment with our team.

Why to Get a Smile Makeover

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A bright smile can be a great confidence booster, but not everyone has a smile they feel confident about sharing. A smile makeover can give you the smile that you have always wanted. A smile makeover is a process that can address your aesthetic concerns and correct the problems with your smile. If you don’t like your smile, now is a great time to get a smile makeover.

It begins with your goals and your vision for your smile. We will talk to you in detail about what you want from your treatment and what you can expect from the procedures. We may create a wax model or digital preview so that you can see your possible new look.

A smile makeover can include just one or two procedures, such as whitening and bonding, or it can include a variety of procedures for a total smile transformation. It is completely customizable according to your needs.

Some treatments that can be used in your smile makeover include:

• Tooth bleaching
• Recontouring
• Dental bonding
• Porcelain veneers or Lumineers
• Orthodontics
• Dental bridges
• Dental implants
• Gum contouring
• Dental crowns

No matter what you choose for your smile makeover, good dental habits will make it last. Brush and floss, and seek professional dental care on a regular schedule. Call our Beverly Hills smile makeover specialist today to learn more or to schedule your smile makeover.

When Getting a Smile Makeover is a Good Decision

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A smile makeover can change your look dramatically through the right combination of treatments. No makeover is exactly like the next, ensuring that results are highly customized to the individual. Here is a look at when you should consider a smile makeover.

When You Have Multiple Cosmetic Dental Flaws

The purpose of getting a makeover is to address all of the flaws affecting a smile. After your cosmetic flaws are established through an exam, all solutions can be explored to achieve your goals. In some cases, a single treatment, such as veneers, can actually resolve several problems.

When You Want to Have an Aesthetic Dental Plan

Planning a course of treatments to address multiple cosmetic issues can bring several important benefits. By pinpointing the most effective procedures for your goals, planning can provide efficiency and faster results. Furthermore, you can learn about the most affordable options for the changes you seek.

Numerous treatments may be used during a makeover, including teeth whitening, veneers, and Invisalign. Although results are always unique, you may get an idea of what a makeover can accomplish by looking at dental makeover before and after images. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist to find out if a makeover will benefit your smile.

What are the Benefits of Smile Makeovers?

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Our smile is our most important feature, and we all want to look our best. It is no wonder, then, that smile makeovers are so popular.

When more than one dental procedure is needed to improve your smile, the overall process is generally referred to as a smile makeover. Procedures utilized in a smile makeover can be restorative or purely cosmetic, with the overall goal being to improve the appearance of your smile. They can range from simple treatments like teeth whitening to complex procedures such as dental implants. There are a number of benefits to getting a smile makeover.

Corrects Many Dental Issues

Are your teeth stained? Do you have visible chips or unsightly gaps? Do your teeth look crooked or oddly shaped? No matter your issues, a smile makeover can fix it.

Variety of Procedures

With dental implants, bridges, porcelain crowns and veneers, bonding, teeth whitening, orthodontics and many other treatments at our disposal, a smile makeover can be created to match the budget, time parameters and personal needs of any patient.

Confidence Boost

No longer any need to hide your smile out of embarrassment. Hold your head high and proud with your beautiful new smile. A smile makeover will increase your confidence and improve your life.

To learn what a smile makeover can do for you, contact our North Hollywood cosmetic dentist today.