Mini Dental Implants and Their Candidates


Dental implants are the preferred restoration for replacing extracted or knocked-out teeth. They effectively halt and reverse the effects of tooth loss, such as jaw bone reduction and altered facial structure. Some patients are candidates mini dental implants. Mini implants range from two to three millimeters in diameter, and do not require as invasive of a procedure as full size implants do.

Candidates for mini dental implants include those who:

• Need a replacement tooth in a certain area
• Do not have sufficient jaw bone tissue to support a full-sized implant
• Need an incisor replaced
• Do not have severe gum disease
• Need/want all on four dentures
• Have been wearing dentures, but need a new restoration due to change or erosion of the jaw

Our expert in mini dental implants in Beverly Hills will require patients with oral health issues, such as periodontitis or severely diminished bone tissue, correct these problems before getting these implants. Children whose jaw and oral structure have not stopped growing are not considered candidates. Furthermore, some lifestyle habits should be avoided at this time, such as smoking and chewing tobacco. A consultation with our Beverly Hills dental implant doctor will inform you whether you are a candidate for this restorative option.