Can kids get TMJ?


family having funWisdom isn’t the only thing to come with age. As we grow older, we become more susceptible to joint tenderness and conditions such as TMJ. However, it is possible for children to experience symptoms of temporomandibular disorder. Our Los Angeles TMJ dentist is dedicated to relieving patients of TMJ related pain, and giving them the tools they need to live active, high quality lives.

TMJ is pain centralized in the joint that connects the jawbone to the skull. Those most likely affected by TMJ are people with Arthritis, high levels of stress, a misaligned jaw, or who have experienced physical trauma of the mouth.  It can be tricky to diagnose children with TMJ because they are not typically affected. If your child experiences frequent facial pain, migraine headaches, earaches without a present infection, locked jaw, or ringing in the ears, you should talk to our TMJ dentist. Children and teens experiencing high levels of stress may grind their teeth, which can irritate the temporomandibular joint. Our dentist may prescribe a mouth guard and splints to protect your child’s teeth and jawbone. However, there are a variety of other options available. Talk to our dentist about any questions or concerns you may have regarding TMJ treatment.