Can I Afford Snap On Smile?

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It’s hard to shop for dentistry when you’re on a budget. If your teeth look less than their best and you have a photo opportunity coming up, or a life event like a wedding, you should consider Snap On Smile as a cost-effective alternative to major dental work.

Merely whitening your teeth won’t make up for teeth that are broken, crooked, or missing. Snap On Smile is a patented product designed to disguise teeth that are not up to code—either temporarily or for as long as you like. Since Snap On Smile is a prosthetic, you can remove it and wear it every day or not at all.

Snap On Smile cost in Los Angeles depends on your zip code, and in some cases on the design of your tray. Not all arches are created equal, and some patients need more coverage than others.

There is an even more temporary version of Snap On Smile in which you fit the teeth yourself. These devices have to be treated, usually with hot water, and essentially serve as more cosmetic mouth guards. However, with Snap On Smile, you can relax knowing your plate was designed exclusively for you.

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What Do People Say About Snap On Smile?

0420Some flaws in the teeth do not necessarily affect our dental or oral health, but do make the smile look less than perfect. Fixing these flaws with the right treatments and procedures can be both timely and costly. This means that many go through life with smiles that they are not happy with. Fortunately, there are some ways to mask these dental issues without unnecessary efforts. Snap On Smile is one of these ways. This is an appliance that snaps on around the teeth (hence the name) and gives the appearance of a brand new smile.

There are many benefits of Snap On Smile that patients comment on when asked what they think about the appliance. First of all, they appreciate the fact that they can completely transform the look of the smile with little to no work whatsoever. You can even work with our cosmetic dentist to create the smile you desire.

Another benefit that is often appreciated is the fact that Snap On Smile can be removed easily by the patient whenever they like. This makes it easy to clean the teeth and eat if you find it more comfortable to do so without the appliance. Snap On Smile is also a great choice for patients who will soon undergo a large treatment or a smile makeover, and want to cover their teeth in the meantime.

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What Is Snap On Smile Capable Of?

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It’s no secret that getting the perfect smile is going to be expensive. This is especially true if there are several dental issues that need to be addressed. Snap On Smile is the perfect alternative to correcting many costly cosmetic issues easily. They look just like the perfect smile you’ve dreamt of, able to snap on around your natural teeth.

Snap On Smile can effectively mask:

• Gaps and crowding
• Chips, cracks, and fractures
• Stains and discolorations
• Crooked teeth
• And more

This option is perfect for those who do not wish to pay for unnecessary multiple, different types of extensive treatments and procedures. It is also perfect for those who wish for a perfect smile in time for an important life event, such as a graduation, significant birthday, or reunion.

Our dentist can work with you to create the smile you want, using examples and shading samples. They are durable enough to be able to sustain everyday bite forces, and can be removed easily when needed. Most patients are candidates of Snap On Smile, however our expert will advise that serious problems are also addressed, such as gum disease and cavities, which may need to be corrected before getting this appliance.

How Does Snap On Smile Work?

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Everybody knows that dental and orthodontic treatment can be costly. Between the materials required, the appointments necessary, and everything else involved, many are unable to afford the Hollywood level dental makeover they may need. The dentistry world’s response to this big problem is the Snap On Smile.

Snap On Smile is an addition that “snaps” on to your set of teeth, effectively covering not just any dental flaws, but the whole tooth. Think of it as a mouth guard, but one that looks like real teeth from the outside. Made of hi-tech dental resin, they essentially allow you to present a new smile while protecting your teeth from sustaining any further imperfections.

The process required for procuring your Snap On Smile is simple. At your appointment, you and your Los Angeles dentist can discuss the style and coloring of your new smile before taking impressions used to create the appliance. After a successful final fitting, you are free to take them with you and wear them at your leisure.

This accessory is perfect for those who:


  • Have cracks and chips
  • Have stains and discolorations
  • Are missing a tooth, but are not a candidate for bridges or implants
  • Would like a smile makeover, but cannot afford the necessary treatments or procedures it would involve


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Who Can Benefit from Snap-On Smile?

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You may have asked yourself, am I a candidate for Snap-On Smile? Maybe you have crooked or discolored teeth that are making you feel blue. Or maybe worn-down teeth are reducing your facial height. Perhaps you are already wearing a partial denture, but would like something that feels more up to date. In any of these events, you could benefit from Snap-On Smile, the fast, high-tech alternative to dental veneers and implants.
The device itself is made from a high-quality digital resin, resulting in an extremely-thin product. It is custom-fit specifically for you, and you can insert or remove it at will. The device consists of an upper and a lower arch, so you fit it on over your existing teeth.

Dentists often recommend Snap-On Smile for transitional periods in ongoing dental work. While some patients wear it around the clock, others want the device solely for special events, or for photography. Snap-On Smile can also be kept in while eating, as the formula is highly stain-resistant. You will need to remove the device before you go to sleep, though.

Dental shortcomings should not be only for the well-off to overcome. This procedure is extremely cost-efficient for a lot of patients. However, you should ask your doctor about disqualifications or any candidacy issues. If you have any form of mitigating periodontal conditions or natural dentition issues, you will most likely be advised against this kind of cosmetic procedure.

Best Candidates for Snap On Smile

Best Candidates for Snap On SmileSnap On Smile is one of the latest and most popular dental restorations available. An increasing number of patients are learning about all the benefits that can be gained through a Snap On Smile. Unlike other restorative treatments, Snap On Smile does not require any of your natural enamel to be trimmed away. It simply snaps right over your natural teeth, and you are free to show off your new smile to the world. It is also much more affordable than other cosmetic treatments. But before you can enjoy a new smile, you will need to ask our dentist, “Am I a candidate for Snap On Smile?”

There are certain conditions that make you an ideal candidate for Snap On Smile. Patients with gaps between teeth, stained teeth, crooked teeth, or even missing teeth can benefit from the treatment. However, it is important to remember that Snap On Smile only provides cosmetic improvements. Our dentist will need to examine your oral health to make sure you do not suffer from tooth decay or gum disease. If you do, those problems will need to be addressed before you can get your Snap On Smile.