Benefits of Same Day Dental Procedures

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Same day dentistry has revolutionized the field of dentistry. In the past, many dental procedures could require two or even three dental visits to complete. This meant that you would need to take time out of your busy life to return to our office, and wear temporary restorations until you could have your dental work completed. Our dentist offers several same day procedures, which provide our patients with many benefits.

1. Same day restorations save time
You can have your tooth prepared, your crown or other restoration designed, and the procedure completed all in a single appointment. There is no need to return to our office, and no need to schedule multiple appointments.

2. Same day restorations minimize the need for anesthesia
Because your tooth is prepared and restored in a single visit, you will only need one anesthetic shot.

3. Same day restorations look and feel like natural teeth.
We use the same high-quality porcelain materials as in other restorations, so you can be confident that your crown will look just like a natural tooth. Since your crown will be finished before you leave, you can wear it out of our office with no need for a cosmetically unappealing temporary.

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Benefits of Same Day Dentistry for Patients

More patients are choosing same day dentistry over conventional implants, crowns and veneers for their overall benefits. In addition to offering advantages related to faster treatment time, same day options enable a high degree of precision, thanks to cutting-edge technology. Here is more about the benefits in each of these areas.

Fast Results and Convenience

Having a procedure performed in a single appointment rather than multiple visits over days or weeks will save patient’s time and money, overall. With less time involved, just a single shot of local anesthesia is required. Surrounding temporary restorations can become loose in between visits and are also avoided this way.

Greater Precision

Our San Francisco dentist combines new imaging technology with on-site CAD/CAM milling equipment to create restorations that look and feel natural. The fit of these restorations supports flawless performance and ensures comfort when patients speak or chew.

Although many patients are eligible to get same-day restorations, some individuals may receive recommendations for conventional implants, crowns or veneers. In either case, patients will enjoy renewed appearance, functionality and oral health support that can last for many years with proper care. Patients can schedule a consultation at CitiDent to learn more about their options for same day dentistry in San Francisco.