Cost of CEREC Crowns

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We use the latest system to design a crown that fits seamlessly into your smile and adjust the color, shape, size, and surface features to ensure the most natural look. The crown is then milled right in our office and can be placed as soon as it is ready, allowing for same day crowns.

With CEREC dental crowns, you will not have to wear a temporary crown, return for additional appointments, or undergo multiple painful anesthesia shots. Instead, it is planned, prepared, and completed for treatment in a single appointment.

The material costs are similar for lab vs. CEREC restorations when considering the costs of impressions, bite registration, and temporary crown materials. Contact our dentist for more information regarding the cost of CEREC crowns in Huntington Beach.

Same Day Crowns and Their Advantages

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The traditional process for getting a dental crown involves at least two appointments. One was for shaping the tooth receiving the crown as well as getting a mold of the mouth, the second for placing the manufactured crown onto the tooth.

Our expert in same day crowns in Orange County has embraced a better option that saves patients the hassle of taking a second day off work. At our offices, crowns are created on the spot using 3-D imaging of the mouth and precision milling. That means the dental assistant has no more need to press the gag reflex-inducing molding trays into the mouth to create an impression. No more debates with the front office to figure out when the doctor’s schedule lines up with your own to place the new crown.

Same day dentistry is the latest development in dental technology. They provide crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers while the patient sits in the next room and can be applied immediately. The quality is well-established such that insurance companies are happy to pay the same rates as traditionally manufactured tooth restoration options.

To learn more about same day crowns, contact our dentists in Orange County.

What are Same Day Crowns?

Traditional crowns usually require at least two separate appointments, one to take the impression and prepare the tooth, and another one to place the crown that the lab has designed between appointments. For somebody with a busy life, this situation is not always ideal. Luckily, same day crowns are now available.

A same day crown is a special type of crown that utilizes CAD/CAM technology. These acronyms stand for Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing, respectively. During this procedure, our Agoura Hills cosmetic dentist will first scan your tooth with a computer. The scan is sent to a computer that creates the ideal crown for your tooth. The dentist may tweak the design if necessary. Using the design, the machine will mill your crown out of a block of specialized ceramic. The aesthetics and the durability of the resulting crown are top notch, and best of all, it can be applied the very same day. There is no longer any need to wait until the next appointment or deal with the hassle of getting fit with a temporary crown.

If you are interested in learning if a same day crown is the right option for your dental needs, contact our expert in same day crowns in Agoura Hills to schedule a consultation.