What are Partial Dentures?


Partial dentures are designed to replace one or several missing teeth. They are generally recommended if you still have some or most of your own natural teeth remaining. Unlike full dentures, which rest against your gums, partial dentures are designed to attach to your natural teeth using metal clasps. Our West Hollywood dentist can determine if you are a candidate for partial dentures.

If you are a candidate for partial dentures, you may need two or more dental appointments to design and place them. At the initial appointment, your smile will be examined, and records such as dental impressions and X-rays may be taken. The shades of your teeth will be evaluated for a precise match to your new restoration. Once your partial is ready, you will return to have it checked for fit and appearance. It may need to be adjusted for a comfortable fit. Partial dentures that are bonded permanently to abutment teeth or dental implants are known as fixed dental bridges. These may be appropriate for patients who want a more permanent solution. Good dental hygiene will keep your smile healthy and your partial denture free of bacteria buildup.

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