Dental Care during Pregnancy

Dental Care during PregnancyWomen that have regularly exceptional oral health may find more difficulty when pregnant. It is not unusual to experience a decline due to the hormone fluctuations and changes in the body. Regular dental visits are as necessary as prenatal checkups throughout the stages of pregnancy.

Our dentist in Encino sees a greater frequency of tooth erosion from morning sickness and dry mouth. This is a side effect that is difficult to control, but the long-term effects depend on the decision to seek professional help. Hormonal changes increase the chance of gingivitis inflammation and bleeding granuloma in the upper gums, but both conditions often go away once the baby is born.

Prevention of complications is not the only concern with pregnancy and dental care. A woman that has pre-existing periodontal disease is at a greater risk of premature birth or having a child with low birth weight. The dentist is the best resource for keeping complications related to oral health during pregnancy to a minimum. Always take care to brush at least twice a day and rinse the mouth following morning sickness to decrease acid wear. At least one dental visit during pregnancy is recommended to ensure that there are no complications that go unnoticed.