Why Children Need Early Orthodontic Treatments

Three generation family in the countryExperts encourage parents to bring in their children for an orthodontic exam by the time they are seven years old. At this age, our orthodontist in Rocklin will be able to tell if they may need help from braces or similar appliance later on in the future. It is unlikely that they will be given an orthodontic appliance at this young age, but their dental and oral structure has progressed enough to be a good indicator of what they will need in the future. They may, however, benefit from some work that will better prepare their dental structure in a few years, such as a retainer.

The early teenage years are the best for undergoing the orthodontic process. This is because all of the adult teeth have grown in by this time, but the jaw bone tissue is not fully developed. This means that the area is somewhat malleable and able to be altered. This makes the process of shifting the bite and individual teeth much easier. This is still possible for older patients, but may take longer, due to more developed jaw bone.

Patients often have a choice when it comes to which appliance they would prefer. This is true of younger patients, as well. Braces are always the first choice for our expert in early orthodontic treatments in Rocklin, as they can address a wide variety of issues. However, Invisalign provides a Teen treatment plan that many younger patients enjoy.

Why Dental Treatments are Important for Children

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Children lose their primary teeth by the time they are teenagers. Even so, these “baby teeth” serve a very important function in the development of permanent teeth. Without the aid of primary teeth, the permanent teeth would not come into proper alignment, requiring orthodontic treatment later. Therefore, proper care for primary teeth is essential for a child’s oral health.

In early childhood, primary teeth have immature enamel, making these teeth less resistant to cavities and decay. Therefore, caring for a child’s baby teeth should begin even before the teeth appear. Parents can help keep an infant’s mouth bacteria free by wiping the gums off with a clean, damp cloth every day. Once teeth appear, they should be gently brushed with an infant toothbrush after every feeding.

Dental appointments should begin early in childhood for proper fluoride cleanings and to monitor teeth for problems. If a cavity appears, it is important that it be caught early and treated, so that the tooth can be saved. To prevent and treat tooth decay in children, our dentist in North Hollywood provides services including sealants, fillings, crowns and root canals.

To protect the health of your child’s teeth today and for years to come, contact our pediatric dentist in North Hollywood today.

Importance of Dental Treatments for Kids


Preventive dental care is important for everyone, but may be even more important for children. It is important for children to learn how to properly care for their teeth and gums at an early age before damage can occur and become worse as kid grow older.

Nearly half of all children develop at least one cavity before they even begin to attend school. Although children should begin to see the dentist once teeth begin to show in the mouth, most children do not receive their first checkup until some point after their first birthday.

Pediatric dentistry focuses on preventive care and promoting the development of good oral hygiene habits. Early care can help reduce the number of cavities experienced, prevent gum disease, and is helpful in catching other issues early while conditions are easier to treat. Certain medical conditions can also be noticed through a child’s oral health and can be detected by the dentist so proper medical care can be obtained.

Our North Hollywood dentist is highly trained and skilled in dealing with issues that affect children and their oral health needs. Dental problems are preventable with frequent exams and good oral care.

Importance of Dental Treatments for Children


Teaching your kids good dental hygiene habits can be one of the most important things you do for them. Children who have good brushing and flossing habits are less likely to suffer from dental health problems that are linked to plaque and bacteria, such as tooth decay and gum disease. They are also more likely to retain those habits for a lifetime. Our North Hollywood dentist recommends that children have their first dental appointment by the time their first tooth erupts so that they can get to know us and feel more comfortable with every visit.

About half of children between four and five are already suffering from tooth decay. Untreated dental disease can lead to poor school performance, problems sleeping and chronic pain. In fact, dental disease is responsible for more than 50 million lost school hours every year. Twice-yearly dental checkups can help catch early signs of these problems so that children can get the treatment they need before the condition worsens. We can also make recommendations about your child’s dental hygiene habits that can help them keep their teeth cleaner and healthier.

Contact our pediatric dentistry office today to learn more or to schedule your child’s next appointment.