What Do Veneers Look Like?

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Porcelain veneers are a great option for patients looking to disguise many dental abnormalities or things that simply make them self-conscious. One of the most common questions about them are about how they look on the tooth.

The most common type of veneer is made of porcelain, the same substance that your china and bathtub are made of. The reason they are made of this is because it has three features that are ideal for oral applications: it reflects light nearly identically as teeth, it can be color-matched to the neighboring teeth, and it is highly stain resistant. Because of the first two reasons, that it reflect light much like natural teeth and that it can be color-matched, porcelain veneers are essentially indistinguishable from natural teeth. In other words, no one will be able to tell you have them at all. All they will see is a perfectly shaped, natural-looking smile.

Because porcelain is non-porous, staining is virtually impossible. This is why it is so popular in bathrooms, as it can be easily cleaned. This means that your smile will maintain that perfect look for years to come.

Perhaps the best way to get a sense of their look, however, is to simply look up dental veneers pictures online or at our office. You may even ask around, as there is a decent chance you know someone who already has them but you never knew it.

If you are in the area, contact our Pasadena dental veneers expert to schedule a consultation to find out if they are right for you.

Estimated Price of Invisalign

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The estimated cost of Invisalign depends on your case, and often your location. If your case is minimal, you could be looking at as little as $3,000 for a few months of treatment. If your case is severe, or if you simply live in a high-income area, Invisalign could cost as much as $9,000. You are advised to consider all of the aspects of Invisalign and talk to your dental insurance before pursuing this popular form of cosmetic dentistry.

In some cases, there may be no difference in cost between Invisalign and braces. Again, our expert in Invisalign in Pasadena will tell you that your candidacy depends on how extensive your tooth movement will be and how long it will take for the Invisalign aligners to accomplish their mission.

You should be aware that the initial quote you are given will typically not include other costs accrued deeper into the process, like the standard office fees, lab fees, and professional fees. There may also be additional costs to cover any computer imaging done. In addition, retainers, night guards, and other orthodontic devices may be required.

At your consultation, the doctor can answer any questions you have about Invisalign prices in Pasadena. Payment plans may be available in some cases, also.