Steps in Getting a Porcelain Dental Crown

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Dental crowns are one of the most common cosmetic and restorative treatments needed today. They have several uses, specifically to cover aesthetically displeasing teeth and when severe decay has developed. Our cosmetic dentist in Orange County uses porcelain crowns in most cases.

There are three main steps in getting porcelain crowns:

1. Prep
It is necessary for our dentist to numb the area beforehand. Once it is numb, the tooth will be shaped in order to support the restoration. This means that a thin layer of enamel and any diseased tissue is removed.
2. Design
Images and impressions are taken of the affected tooth, which are then sent to a milling machine. Thanks to modern technology, these machines are able to create precise restorations that fit perfectly into the teeth. A temporary crown can be placed until the permanent one is ready.
3. Placement
Your new crown can be place easily and comfortably on your tooth. A special dental cement is used to ensure it remains in place.

Our dentist will provide instructions for keeping your new crown strong, and the tooth underneath healthy. It should be cleaned twice a day just as carefully as your natural teeth. You will also need to return for check-ups and cleanings at least once every six months.

Root Canal Therapy


Pain coming from a tooth can be due to one of many things, the most serious of which is an infection, otherwise known as a toothache. This is considered a dental emergency, and most patients who experience the pain that is typically involved agree. Toothaches require a root canal treatment in order to restore the tooth back to health.

Root canal therapy begins with a local anesthetic. This should eliminate any pain and discomfort the patient is feeling due to the infection. Our root canal dentist in Orange County then creates a hole in the affected tooth in order to access the pulp. This is where the blood vessels and nerves reside, which are now infected. They will remove this infected tissue and replace it with a material called “gutta percha”. The tooth is then restored with a dental crown.

Although root canals can be needed after physical damage, it is most often required due to poor dental and oral care. In order to reduce the risk of infection, be sure to brush and floss properly daily, and see our Orange County dentist for regular exams and cleanings. If you are experiencing tooth pain, contact our office right away.

When is Having Gum Surgery Necessary?

Autumn womanWhen most people think of surgery, they think of the brain or the heart, not the gums. But unfortunately, gum surgery is both common and necessary. Gum disease has two stages – mild, or gingivitis, and severe, also known as periodontitis. Gum surgery is performed to cure the latter.

Gum disease has many visible symptoms. Those with gingivitis may notice that their gums are red, puffy, and swollen, and that they bleed when brushing and flossing. As the condition progresses, the teeth may appear longer, as the gums will begin to recede. Periodontal pockets, created by plaque accumulating between the gum tissue and the teeth, will also form.

There are several type of surgeries performed to eliminate the symptoms of severe gum disease. The first usually attempted is a scaling and root planing. This is where our Orange County dentist will use special sharp tools to scrape away the plaque and other harmful substances away from the gum line, and below the gums against the tooth roots.

If this tactic is not successful, gum flap surgery is usually the next step. Our gum surgeon in Orange County will make an incision in the gums in order to pull the apart to better access and remove the plaque on roots of the teeth.

Price Range of Invisalign

Junge Frau setzt lächelnd Zahnspange in den MundThe price of Invisalign in Orange County is not a number that is easy to ascertain without a consultation with a provider. If you ask around and talk to former or current patients, you will undoubtedly find that there is a huge price range that people have experienced when getting Invisalign as a orthodontic treatment. Part of this is because every patient is completely different from the next. Some require only a few months of treatment, while others take years.

But the cost can often vary significantly between cosmetic dentists in Orange County. While this may be related to the experience of the doctor, that relationship certainly is not inherent. In fact, some more experienced dentists might feel more comfortable with the treatment and therefore more willing to lower the price.

As a result, it is important to ask potential providers both for their price during a consultation and their experience level. This is a completely valid question to ask that you should not feel shy to put out there. Moreover, if you have any particularly difficult misalignment or crooked tooth issues, ask if the provider is experienced in dealing with similar problems.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Periodontal Disease

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Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, is an exceptionally common problem for adults. In fact, it is estimated that approximately half of all adults over the age of 30 suffer from some level of the disease. Its earliest stage is known as gingivitis, but it can easily advance into full blown periodontitis.


Our expert in periodontics in Orange County can rather easily diagnose the problem at a regular dental appointment. The symptoms are usually quite clear, including swollen and red gums, bleeding gums, bad breath, a receding gum line, pockets forming between the gums and the teeth, and more.


If gum disease has been identified, there are a number of things our OC dentists can do to eradicate the disease. The root cause of the disease is plaque. As a result, that is the first thing that must be removed. This includes removing it underneath the gum line in a treatment called scaling. If the gum disease had been present for some time, the teeth might be damaged below the gum line, too. This damage creates small grooves and crevices that bacteria are able to hide in. To address this, our dentist will perform a procedure called planing, where the tooth is smoothed out.

Misconceptions about Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment or therapy, commonly referred to as simply a root canal, is perhaps the most-maligned of all dental procedures. Its reputation of being an excruciating procedure is known far and wide, even to those having never experienced one. Indeed, people not wanting to do something will often express, “I would rather have a root canal.”

However, our Orange County dentists believe this reputation, though perhaps well-deserved decades ago, is no longer an accurate assessment of the process and remains an enduring misconception. In fact, root canal therapy is done routinely and the pain experienced is generally nothing more than receiving a standard filling.

Another misconception about root canals are that it is a process that eliminates or kills the tooth. This belief is usually because a crown is placed over the remaining tooth and it looks like the original one is gone. In reality, root canal therapy is a way to save the natural tooth so that it is not extracted or lost. The process is merely the cleaning out of the nerve endings that extend into the tooth from the roots, thereby removing the infection and preventing further pain. By saving the natural tooth, future problems are significantly less likely for the rest of the patient’s life.

Get the truth about them by contacting our expert in root canal in Orange County.

Same Day Crowns and Their Advantages

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The traditional process for getting a dental crown involves at least two appointments. One was for shaping the tooth receiving the crown as well as getting a mold of the mouth, the second for placing the manufactured crown onto the tooth.

Our expert in same day crowns in Orange County has embraced a better option that saves patients the hassle of taking a second day off work. At our offices, crowns are created on the spot using 3-D imaging of the mouth and precision milling. That means the dental assistant has no more need to press the gag reflex-inducing molding trays into the mouth to create an impression. No more debates with the front office to figure out when the doctor’s schedule lines up with your own to place the new crown.

Same day dentistry is the latest development in dental technology. They provide crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers while the patient sits in the next room and can be applied immediately. The quality is well-established such that insurance companies are happy to pay the same rates as traditionally manufactured tooth restoration options.

To learn more about same day crowns, contact our dentists in Orange County.

When Dental Implants are the Better Option

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Dental implants are just one option among many which dentists use to help restore the mouth of someone suffering from tooth loss or severe decay. Depending on the situation, our Orange County dentist may recommend bridges or dentures to replace lost teeth. There are a few situation that implants are usually recommended, though.

Implants are highly recommended when a patient in their teens through their forties has lost a tooth or series of teeth, often as a result of a physical blow to the face. This is because natural teeth constantly stimulate the jaw bone. When a tooth is missing, the lack of stimulation causes the body to reabsorb the bone mass in that location. When a patient has still decades to live, the bone mass lost in that particular location can be significant, causing cratering in the facial structure. Not only would this be unattractive in their later years, it can also cause problems with neighboring teeth. Implants avoid this problem because they mimic natural teeth in how they stimulate the jaw bone.

Another time that dental implants are a better option is to use a few carefully placed implants to form the support structure for dentures. Although they have come a long way in recent years, standard dentures have a host of problems, including slippage. They also do not stimulate the bone, as noted above. By using dental implants as the support structure of the dentures, slippage is a non-issue. And while they will not stimulate the entire jaw, they will for some of it, helping prevent some of the cratering of the face.

Our expert in dental implants in Orange County would be happy to discuss the benefits further at a consultation.