What General Dentists Do

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General dentists are primary dental providers for patients of all ages. If you have recently attended a regular dental check-up, you likely visited a general dentist. They are experts in the general well-being of your dental and oral health. Unlike periodontists or endodontists, who specialize in specific aspects of dentistry, general dentists are often experts in several different services, procedures, and treatments. They undergo three or more years of undergraduate education, as well as four years of dental school to earn the title.

Some common services include:

• Cosmetic treatments
• Dental cleanings
• Crowns and bridges
• Placing dental implants
• Dentures
• Treating bruxism
• Treating TMJ
• Whitening treatments
• Root canal therapy
• Treatment of gum disease
• Prescribing mouthguards
• Sealants, fillings, and bonding
• Restorative care
• And home care instruction

General dentists, such as our Lancaster dentist, are often the first experts to discover problems in a patient’s oral health, and will refer their patients to other experts if they are unable to treat the issues in their office. Conversely, an expert may be able to refer you to a general dentist who can work with you to prevent serious oral issues.
If you require any of the services listed above, or have not seen a dentist in the past six months, call out expert in general dentistry in Lancaster to make an appointment today.