Surgery for Improving Gums

Autumn woman

Did you know that you could improve the look of your gums with surgery? Our periodontist in Los Angeles offers a variety of cosmetic periodontal procedures that can create the most flattering look for your whole smile. Several options are available.

One of the most common gum surgery options is the gum lift. Gum lifts, which may also be called gum contouring, are used to raise the gum line. The extra tissue, which often remains when the gums do not recede after the adult teeth erupt, can be gently trimmed and contoured for a more attractive and balanced appearance. Another common gum procedure is the crown lengthening. This procedure works similarly to gum lifts but may also involve the bone tissue around the tooth as well as the gum tissue to expose more of the tooth’s crown.

The last option to improve gums does not actually involve the gums. Lip lowering may be appropriate when the gums are normal but lip muscles are hypermobile, which results in the exposure of a greater-than-normal amount of gum tissue. Call us today to learn more about available treatments or to schedule your appointment with our expert in gum lift surgery in Los Angeles.