How Much Does Gummy Smile Surgery Cost?

The gummy smile surgery cost can vary depending on the complexity of your needs and the amount of surgery needed to correct the problem. Our dentist will first carefully evaluate your teeth, gum tissue and bone structure to determine the best way to proceed, and then we can make recommendations. You will receive a complete price quote at your evaluation.

In the past, patients with gummy smiles often had to go through orthognathic surgery, a type of jaw surgery. This treatment was effective and continues to be used for some types of problems, but we now have far less invasive treatment options to address the various causes of a gummy smile. These options are generally more affordable and involve a shorter, easier recovery period. Some of your options may include crown lengthening, lip lowering, gum contouring, Botox or a combination of treatments. The right treatment can permanently improve your smile and your confidence. The cost could be as low as $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 and up depending on the complexity of your case.

Most patients who opt for minimally invasive procedures have little downtime and minor discomfort as they heal. Complications are rare, but patients should follow our dentist’s post-surgery instructions to further minimize the risk. Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment.

Solutions for Improving Gummy Smiles

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Children are commonly known to have gummy smiles until their adult teeth erupt. As the teeth erupt, the gum tissue naturally recedes. Unfortunately, about 15 percent of the population continues to have a gummy smile into adulthood, though. This can happen for a number of reasons, where the gum tissue may cover just a small part of the crown or can extend over nearly the entire crown. We offer gummy smile solutions that can get rid of this extra tissue and give you a more flattering smile.

Common gummy smile treatments include crown lengthening, gum contouring and lip lowering. Crown lengthening is a conservative surgical procedure that is used to remove excess or overgrown tissue from the teeth. This results in longer-looking teeth and a more proportionate smile. Gum contouring can be used in conjunction with crown lengthening and is used to create an even, nicely contoured gumline. This solution may include gum grafts, as well as crown lengthening. The lip lowering procedure can be a good choice for a patient with a narrow upper lip or an upper lip that pulls too far away from the teeth. This minimally invasive treatment simply adjusts the lip muscles to reduce the height of the lip.

If you have a gummy smile, we can help. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our Los Angeles periodontics expert.

What You Can Do about Gummy Teeth

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Do you reveal more than the usual amount of gum tissue when you smile? You may suffer from what’s considered a gummy smile. A gummy smile can be due to a hypermobile lip, abnormal eruption, jaw abnormalities or an overgrowth of gum tissue. While these problems are not necessarily dangerous for your dental health, they can affect your overall confidence. Our Periodontist in Los Angeles can help, as we offer treatments that can correct your gummy smile and give you the look you want.

Gummy smile surgery can permanently change the look of your smile. We carefully evaluate your teeth, gums, bone structure and even facial features to determine the most attractive tooth-to-gum ratio. We will then design a treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your gummy smile and create a smile that is more flattering to you. This may include one or more procedures based on your needs.

If you are unhappy with the gummy look of your smile, you have options. Lip lowering surgery, jaw surgery, crown lengthening and other procedures can eliminate the look of extra tissue to help make your teeth look longer and more proportionate. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in gummy teeth in Los Angeles.

Surgery for Improving the Appearance of Gummy Smiles

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Some smiles are overshadowed by gum tissue. If your smile is one of them, you should know that you have options. One of these is gum lift surgery. A gum lift is a surgical procedure offered by our Los Angeles periodontist that removes the excess tissue around the teeth to expose more of the natural crown of the teeth.

During a gum lift, the tissues will be numbed to ensure comfort. The extra tissues will be gently lifted away from the teeth and trimmed. In some patients, bone tissue will also need to be addressed and trimmed or shaped for a more contoured look. Sutures may be placed to protect the incisions and help them heal.

After your treatment, your smile will be visibly different. More of your teeth will show, and you will see less unsightly gum tissue covering them. You may need to eat soft foods for a few days, and good dental hygiene will help reduce the risk of complications. Most people heal quickly and without any problems. Continued good dental hygiene and a balanced diet will ensure your gums stay healthy throughout and after the healing process. Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in gum lift surgery in Los Angeles.

Jaw Surgery for Improving Gummy Smiles

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A gummy smile is often caused by excessive gum tissue extending over the natural tooth or a hyperactive lip muscle. These issues can often be corrected with a minimally invasive procedure in just one to two appointments. However, some types of gummy smile may need to be corrected with jaw surgery. Our Los Angeles periodontist can help you decide which option is best for you.

Jaw surgery is a more extensive procedure but may be needed if you:

  • Have an overbite or underbite that is responsible for the gummy appearance
  • Have an abnormally proportioned jaw
  • Have improperly erupted teeth

We will evaluate your smile and explore all your options. If you are a candidate for jaw surgery, it may be used alone or in conjunction with other procedures, such as orthodontics, to create a more proportionate and attractive smile. Jaw surgery is a more invasive treatment than crown lengthening and other gummy surgery treatments, but these treatments may not be effective if your gummy smile is due to bone abnormalities.

Getting the healthy, attractive smile of your dreams can be a reality with the right treatments. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in gummy smile jaw surgery in Los Angeles.