Health Conditions You Should Discuss with Your Dentist

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Certain health conditions raise risks of dental problems and may affect treatment recommendations. In some cases where these conditions are known, extra preventive care can help keep complications at bay. Here are some of the main health issues that you should talk about with our expert in dental exam in Northridge.

Heart Disease

If you have heart disease, your heart health could be further compromised by gum disease or other oral infections. Our dentist may recommend supportive treatments for your gum health and may prescribe antibiotics before and after certain procedures.

Uncontrolled Diabetes

When diabetes is not controlled, high blood glucose and immunosuppression can result. Both of these place the teeth and gums at higher risks of problems, making preventive care extra important.

Dry Mouth

Whether it results from aging, medication side effects or another cause, dry mouth deprives the teeth and gums of saliva. Without the antibacterial action and mineral content of saliva, gum disease and cavities are more likely to develop. Special treatments may be given to help offset this risk.

Our dentist personalizes oral care plans to help patients have healthy, great-looking teeth and gums. During a consultation at our dental office in Northridge, you can tell our dentist about any conditions you have and find out what preventive measures are available.