Advantages of Digital Dental X-Rays

Examining radiography

Dental X-rays are often used to monitor changes in your smile, identify dental diseases below the gumline and between teeth, or plan treatment. Our Torrance dentist uses digital dental X-rays, which offer many advantages over conventional dental X-rays.

Digital X-rays are processed quickly and are immediately sent to a computer screen where you can easily see the image. There is no need for the film to be processed with special chemicals, and the images are bright, crisp, and clear. We can adjust the colors and contrast so that you can see specific features more clearly. We can even enlarge the images.

Unlike conventional X-rays, digital images are easy to print, copy, and send electronically to insurance companies or dental specialists as needed. This can speed up your treatment or simplify claims processing. Because they eliminate the need for film and the chemicals associated with the film, they are even more environmentally friendly.

With digital X-rays, you will spend less time in the dental chair and more time understanding your treatment options. There is even less radiation involved in administering the X-rays. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your next appointment with our expert in digital dental X-rays in Torrance.

Why Dental X-Rays are Taken

Examining radiography

In the process of determining the oral health of a patient, our dentists in Beverly Hills will often and regularly take dental x-rays. Here is a look at some of their regular uses.

Routine Exams

While the visual inspection of teeth is critical in ensuring good oral health and in finding cavities, x-rays provide an invaluable service. For new patients, they show clearly what dental work has previously been done, helping inform future treatment. It also is vitally important in identifying small and developing cavities that might be harder or impossible for the dentist to see visually.


X-rays are vital in performing a variety of common dental treatments, including orthodontics, root canal therapy, and dealing with impacted or incoming wisdom teeth. In root canal therapy, an x-ray helps the dentist see and find canals that would otherwise be hard to find. Moreover, they can also see what is going on below the surface of the gums, which helps a dentist devise a wide array of dental treatment options depending on the situation.

Needless to say, our expert in dental x-rays in Beverly Hills offers this service because it provides a host of benefits otherwise impossible or only possible through invasive means.

How Often Do You Need an Exam and X-Ray?

Most people need a dental exam about every six months, according to the American Dental Association. As with physical checkups, dental checkups are designed to monitor your general and oral health. During a dental exam, we will check your teeth, jaw, bite and gums for any abnormalities. We will also remove any buildup from your teeth, as well as polish them to help both your teeth and gums stay healthier. Our dentist may also recommend dental X-rays periodically.

Dental X-rays are a type of diagnostic tool that allows us to see things that we would not be able to see with the unaided eye. They can help us spot damage or dental disease, and plan treatment before more problems occur. Children may need more frequent dental X-rays than adults need, because their jaws are developing and their teeth are erupting. Your dental X-ray schedule will depend on your personal dental history and risk factors, though.

You may have X-rays taken once a year or as needed. Digital X-rays may be recommended to provide further information or highlight specific concerns. However, X-rays may need to be delayed if you are pregnant. If you have a history of certain dental problems or are in a high-risk category for certain dental problems, then you may need more frequent X-rays. Call us today to learn more about scheduling your next dental exam and X-rays.