Which Dental Problems Require Surgery?


Oral surgery is at the extreme end of dentistry, when milder treatments have been exhausted. This is not to say that oral surgery is not routine, as most procedures are outpatient and require minimal aftercare. However, most dentists try a range of things before recommending the patient to a surgeon.
You need an oral surgeon in Van Nuys for the following:
• Wisdom teeth removal
• Dental implants
• Bone grafting and gingival flap surgery
• The repair of broken facial bones
• Removal of tumors or cysts
One hypothetical that satisfies the “last resort” definition of oral surgery is a severe case of Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). This is a mysterious condition that affects jaw movement and function and can lead to systemic dysfunction. Not a lot is known about the nature of TMJ, so surgery for it is still considered experimental.
Unequal jaw growth, usually hereditary or a birth defect, can also require surgery. Eating, speaking, and even breathing may be affected by a malformed jaw.
Something like dental implants may involve less cutting than is typically associated with surgery. But an oral surgeon usually heads this procedure, working with a periodontist and prosthodontist.
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