Is Getting Dental Implants Affordable?

Dental implant

Dental implants are widely regarded as the best way to replace missing teeth, by patients and dentists alike. This is due to their many benefits, which include stability, restored oral health, and increased aesthetics. Implants are inserted directly into the jaw bone, just like a tooth root, which provides a stable based for a new tooth. Dental implants also work to reverse the effects of tooth loss, which include resorbed bone tissue and altered facial structure. Furthermore, implants look just like natural teeth, and do no slip or hurt like dentures can.

The cost of getting dental implants varies depending on several factors, including amount, location in the arch, and more. Because of all of these benefits, dental implants are considered worth their price. It should also be noted that getting a dental implant can prevent dental and oral problems in the future. For example, a gap in the smile due to tooth loss can cause severe orthodontic issues, which can cost several thousand dollars to correct. This restorative option should therefore be considered an investment in your oral health, which is more than worth the cost of the procedure.

Be sure to talk to our implants dentists to get a better idea of how this restoration will benefit you.

Costs Involved in Getting Dental Implants

Dental implant

As the popularity of dental implants continues to increase, more people are curious about what dental implants cost. There is no single answer to that question. Each patient’s needs are unique, and their costs will be based on those needs.

Some of the costs associated with getting dental implants include:

• The type of dental implant, such as subperiosteal or endosteal implants
• The number of implants being used
• The abutment
• The implant material
• The type of restoration and the material used to make it
• The need for grafts or other regenerative procedures
• The need for a sinus lift

Dental insurance, flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts are all popular options when it comes to paying for dental implants. Flexible interest financing may also be available for qualified patients. Not all dental insurance policies pay for implants, but coverage is becoming more common as the benefits of implants are becoming more widely recognized. Even if your policy does not cover the implant itself, it will likely cover all or part of the crown. Call us to find out more about the cost of dental implants or to schedule your consultation with our dental implant dentist in Los Angeles.