Effective Treatments for Black Gums


Gums can come in many different colors just like skin can, but most people are used to seeing pink, even-colored gums. Because of this, those with dark or discolored gums may feel self-conscious about the way their smile looks. Dark gums are usually a natural variation and not indicative of any more serious problems, but if you want your gums to look smooth, pink and healthy, we can help.

Our dentist offers a patented treatment for dark gums. These treatments can brighten your gums and eliminate brown, purple and black spots, streaks and stains. The treatments work well on both naturally dark gums and stained gums. Gums can become stained as a result of smoking, metal fillings, some medications and some lifestyle habits.

If you have dark gums, you do have options. You can undergo our special dark gums treatments, which can permanently lighten the color of your gums. It can be used on all types of dark gums and completed in a single appointment. Most people can even go right back to their normal daily activities. You do not have to settle for a smile that does not make you happy. Call us today to get started on your own black gums before and after journey or to schedule a consultation with our dentist.