Most Successful TMJ Treatments


TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disease, is known to cause pain and discomfort in many different areas. While some patients are able to continue with their everyday lives with little problems, others find the disorder debilitating. Our TMJ doctor can create a treatment plan that will work for you, and eliminate any symptoms. The following are some of the most commonly successful TMJ treatments.

Stress relief

Stress can cause jaw clenching, which leads to inflammation in the jaw joints, a known trigger of TMJ. Patients often find their symptoms lessen when they avoid stressful situations and actively relax the jaw.


Our TMJ doctor can recommend and demonstrate several stretches that will strengthen the jaw and minimize inflammation. These stretches can be done a few times a day, anywhere you are. You may also decide to attend physical therapy for extra help.

Pain relievers

As with most cases of pain, over-the-counter pain relievers prove to be successful in reducing the effects of the disorder. Our doctor can recommend a pain reliever that may work best for you.

If you believe you are suffering from TMJ, schedule an appointment with our office today.

What are Holistic Dental Treatments?



A holistic approach to health is one that focuses on the cause and effect of a health problem instead of only treating its symptoms. A holistic dentist focuses not just on your oral health but on your total body health that is so closely related to your teeth. Our holistic dentist in Los Angeles strives to create complete balance of the mind, body, and soul in each one of our patients.

While many oral health issues like tooth decay and periodontal disease must be treated in more traditional ways, the root cause of the issue can be addressed through holistic means. In order to bring your entire body into balance, including your smile, our Los Angeles biological dentist may recommend treatments that are not usually associated with dentistry. These can include treatments like massage therapy, aromatherapy, meditation, and an adjustment to your diet and nutrition. Also, instead of prescribing pharmaceutical medications, our dentist may suggest herbal supplements or even acupuncture to help patients deal with pain and discomfort.

If you, like so many other people in Los Angeles, are interested in leading the healthiest, most active lifestyle possible, consider a visit to our holistic dentist next time you are in need of a dental checkup.