Why Should Amalgam Fillings be Removed?

Why Should Amalgam Fillings be Removed?Metal tooth fillings have been around for ages as an inexpensive material used to protect the teeth after decay removal. Unfortunately, it has come to light that the amalgam blend releases dangerous mercury vapor when broken down. Safe amalgam removal is necessary for patients that have been put at risk through the placement of this filler material.

Our Agoura Hills dentist is educated on the safety hazards of exposure to mercury, which includes breathing the vapor during removal. It is the most dangerous to children and pregnant women because of the sensitivity to the toxins. If exposed during an early age, there is a correlation with low IQ even if it is transmitted through breastfeeding to an infant.

Amalgam itself is a durable material, but it is highly detrimental to long-term oral care. As the filling contracts and expands, the teeth can crack or break away to make the remaining healthy area more vulnerable to problems. This is a major issue considering the amount of tooth that must be removed initially to place the amalgam.

A patient that does not fall into the groups considered most vulnerable are not in the clear when exposed to the neurotoxin. Amalgam fillings should not be considered a safe solution, and anyone that has them should seek timely removal.