How Does Sleep Apnea Harm Your Health?

Snoring man, frustrated woman

The majority of our dental patients are somewhat familiar with sleep apnea. However, many underestimate the health impacts of the disorder, mistakenly believing it is simply an annoyance that includes loud snoring. Additionally, patients are not aware that a dentist is frequently the first medical practitioner to notice signs of sleep apnea in patients and that dentist have a variety of remedies that can help those with the problem.

Patients are often surprised when our sleep apnea dentist in Huntington Beach tells them about the various ways sleep apnea harms health. Some of the impacts of sleep apnea include:

• EXCESSIVE DAYTIME SLEEPINESS- Because if you have sleep apnea, your body is never getting into the deep sleep it needs. Patients report being continuously exhausted no matter how much they sleep. This is not only frustrating, but it can lead to numerous problems such as falling asleep on the job or falling asleep while driving.
• DEPRESSION- Never getting adequate rest can exacerbate underlying depression in some patients. It also increases irritability.
• HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE- Sleep apnea robs the body of the proper amount of oxygen. In the long term, this can bring about higher blood pressure as the body struggles to get the oxygen levels necessary for optimal function.
• CARDIAC DISEASE- If you have sleep apnea, the lack of oxygen in your blood makes proper heart function difficult. This leads to heart disease, which is a well-known killer.
• DIABETES- Numerous studies show a link between sleep apnea and diabetes

You should be aware of the symptoms of sleep apnea as there is more to the disorder than loud snoring. Sleep apnea symptoms include:
• Waking with a sore throat or dry mouth
• Falling asleep at inappropriate times during the day
• Waking with a headache
• Chronic loud snoring
• Moments when breathing stops during sleep
• Irritability
• Waking feeling like you are choking
• Trouble concentrating or remembering things

If you have some of the signs of sleep apnea and would like to know more about how our dentist can help, please feel free to contact our office. Our staff have helpful information and can set up an appointment for a consultation with our dentist.

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