Self-Ligating Braces and their Effectiveness


Many of our patients want to learn more about the orthodontic treatment option known as self-ligating braces. Even though the self-ligating braces first appeared in the 1930s, the popularity of these braces has grown exponentially in the past several decades.

Our dentists are highly skilled in the orthodontic field and often suggest patients use the self-ligating braces instead of the traditional braces with wires and rubber bands.

Self-ligating braces are similar to traditional wired braces in that the brackets attached to your teeth and are not removable during treatment. The self-ligating braces also depend on the archwire that runs through the brackets to apply pressure and adjust the position of the teeth. However, this type of orthodontic treatment does not require the rubber bands that are attached and help apply pressure to straighten the teeth.

A factor that makes self-ligating braces unique is that the archwire movement depends on specialized brackets or clips. These brackets move and provide pressure as needed to the teeth. The brackets allow for easier adjustment of the archwire with no rubber bands necessary.

Dentists believe that there several benefits to self-ligating braces

• FEWER OFFICE VISITS- Patients with traditional wired braces make frequent visits to the orthodontist to receive necessary adjustments, so treatment stays on track. Self-ligating braces do not depend on rubber bands and continual adjustments. Additionally, the necessary adjustments for self-ligating braces are comparatively fast and require less chair time than regular braces.

EASIER TO KEEP CLEAN- Since rubber bands are not a part of self-ligating braces, patients do not need to work around the bands to brush and floss. Also, bacteria will have one less place to hide.

• REDUCED FRICTION- The level of tension in self-ligating braces is less than that found in traditional braces.

If you think that self-ligating braces could be a good option for your orthodontic treatment, please feel free to contact our office. Our staff can give you information about the treatment as well as set up a no-obligation consultation so one of our dentists can evaluate your orthodontic needs and suggest a course of action for treatment.