Dental Implants and Their Benefits

Dental implant

Many of our patients want to know more about dental implants and why they are important. Contrary to the beliefs of some, dental implants are not purely cosmetic. Much more than a great-looking smile comes from getting implants.

Explaining the cosmetic benefits of dental implants is easy. The majority of people who lose a front tooth are eager to find a way to fill the gap because it looks so unsightly. However, when patients lose a back tooth, they are not always ready to plan a replacement. This is because it is much more difficult to notice than a front tooth.

Our dental implants dentist in San Francisco understands the importance of dental implants and is happy to share the information.

Many of the benefits of dental implants happen below the surface of the gumline. In each tooth socket, nerves and blood vessels detect the presence of the tooth roots and deliver vital nutrition to the bone and tissue surrounding the socket.

When a tooth is missing from its socket, the nerves sense this and tell the brain not to send nutrition because the area appears dead. After a bit of time, the lack of nutrition leads to bone loss in the area surrounding the empty tooth socket. Eventually, the area of bone loss will become worse, and the facial begins to shrivel and takes on a hollow and sunken appearance.

When the titanium screw (for the implant) goes in the empty socket, the nerve endings notice this. The renewed stimulus causes the brain to resume providing nutrition to the area. Bone loss stops and, in many cases, reversed.

If you are missing teeth or are planning extractions in the future, please feel free to contact our office. Our dentist and the rest of our staff are happy to share information to help you make a decision. You can also make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation with one of our dentists.


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