Is a Dental Implant Right for Me?

Dental implant

Our dental office encourages patients who are missing teeth to consider dental implants. While not each and every patient is a good candidate, a large number of our patients receive implants.

Dental implants are extremely helpful to patients; the American Dental Association (ADA) believes implants are one of the most helpful newer products available. Our expert in dental implants in Van Nuys agrees with that assessment.

Prior to the arrival of dental implants, a patient missing a tooth, or several teeth, had few options. A dental bridge could fill in empty spots left after losing a few adjacent teeth. Our Van Nuys dentist frequently would place an individual false tooth to fill in the space for a single missing tooth.

While these efforts improved the appearance of patients’ smiles and their ability to eat, bridges and false teeth were unable to impact patients’ overall dental health in the same way dental implants can.

Part of what makes dental implants so revolutionary is the fact that the small titanium screw responsible for holding the visible part of the implant sits directly in the empty tooth socket. Filling the empty socket is important because, when a tooth falls out, the brain gets no stimulation from the tooth root and therefore does not send nourishment to the empty socket. Eventually, the lack of nutrients causes bone loss, and a caved in look to the face.

Placing a dental implant means that the titanium screw will act as the tooth root and send signals to the brain that the socket needs care. Over time, any bone loss reverses as a process known as osseointegration fuses the implant into the socket as though it were a natural part of the body. The fusion of the screw into the tooth socket greatly impacts the strength and stability of the new tooth. The majority of patients tell us they can eat foods they enjoy without concern of dentures or bridges loosening.

To learn more about dental implants, please contact our office. We have abundant information and can also set up a free consultation where you can learn if dental implants are an option for you.