Dental Care after Root Canal


Our root canal patients are generally feeling much better soon after the procedure. Removing the dead and decaying material inside the tooth gives patients great relief. It is important for patients to remember that even if they feel much better, the tooth experienced a trauma, so proper care is necessary.

After your root canal procedure is complete, one of our dentists in North Hollywood will provide instructions for you to follow once you are home. It is important for you to follow these directions as this will bring you the quickest and least complicated recovery possible.

In addition to specific instructions from our dentist, here are several helpful tips to make recovering from your root canal comfortable.

• Plan to rest as much as you can on the day of your root canal; a day or two is preferable if you have that option. If possible, prepare a comfortable spot to recuperate after you are home and stock up on soft foods to eat after the root canal.

• Do not eat until the numbness wears off and you can feel the inside of your mouth and tongue. You run a risk of a painful bite if you try to eat too soon.

• Follow medication instructions carefully, especially if our dentist prescribed painkillers. Take your medication as directed to stay ahead of the pain.

• Eat soft foods until the dentist puts a crown on your tooth. This is important for patients who have temporary crowns as well as those who have no cover on the tooth.

• Brush and floss your teeth and make sure to keep the area around the root canal clean so you will not get an infection.

While a root canal is not on any lists of fun ways to spend a day, with proper attention and a little time you will be happy you took care of your tooth. Should you have any post-op concerns, feel free to call our office. We can give you the information you need and, if necessary, put you in touch with our dentist.