When is a Dental Extraction Necessary?


Once a dreaded necessity—so common and inconvenient we still use the phrase “like pulling teeth” to describe an annoying or difficult task—tooth extractions have been minimized by education and technology. They’re still used, but no longer as a one-size-fits-all solution to any kind of tooth pain or infection.

Often a dental extraction is preemptive. Some patients have genetically narrow arches, meaning not all their teeth will fit properly. If the patient can’t use arch expansion tools, some teeth have to go.

Other times extraction is necessary when a tooth breaks off below the gum line. If you suffered an injury, microscopic fractures may have occurred below the gum line, making the tooth impossible to repair. This may also result from rampant infection, especially one that doesn’t respond to antibiotics.

Our expert in dental extractions in Los Angeles extracts a lot of wisdom teeth, sometimes preemptively. These late molars can have trouble erupting into the mouth, or can cause crowding or impacting. Considered non-essential teeth, these are routinely taken out to avoid any trouble.

Most extractions are simple, and are done with traditional tools like elevators and forceps. If a tooth is compromised or structurally damaged, it may require surgical removal.

Contact our Los Angeles dentists for more about extractions.


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