Can I Afford Snap On Smile?

Smart businesswoman

It’s hard to shop for dentistry when you’re on a budget. If your teeth look less than their best and you have a photo opportunity coming up, or a life event like a wedding, you should consider Snap On Smile as a cost-effective alternative to major dental work.

Merely whitening your teeth won’t make up for teeth that are broken, crooked, or missing. Snap On Smile is a patented product designed to disguise teeth that are not up to code—either temporarily or for as long as you like. Since Snap On Smile is a prosthetic, you can remove it and wear it every day or not at all.

Snap On Smile cost in Los Angeles depends on your zip code, and in some cases on the design of your tray. Not all arches are created equal, and some patients need more coverage than others.

There is an even more temporary version of Snap On Smile in which you fit the teeth yourself. These devices have to be treated, usually with hot water, and essentially serve as more cosmetic mouth guards. However, with Snap On Smile, you can relax knowing your plate was designed exclusively for you.

Contact our Snap On Smile dentist in LA today.


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