What Materials are used for Tooth Colored Dental Fillings


Woman at the dentistry

When you have a cavity that requires a filling, your dental care provider has several options that can be used to replace the missing part of the tooth to keep your teeth strong and to prevent further damage. In the past, gold and amalgam fillings were popular. Made with various metals, these types of fillings are strong but are obvious and not very attractive, especially on front teeth.

Today, tooth colored fillings can be used to fill in cavities and damaged areas to resemble your natural tooth. These fillings are also called composite resin fillings. They are created with a special combination of plastic and glass. These dental fillings are applied in layers then allowed to harden. You can care for your tooth colored fillings in the same way that you care for your natural teeth.

While composite resin is a strong material, it is important that you do not bite on hard objects or use your teeth as tools, such as biting open packages. To make sure that you tooth colored fillings will stay secure for a long time, keep up with your regular dental care appointments with your provider.

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