How Expensive is Getting Lumineers?

Smart businesswoman

Any kind of cosmetic dentistry can get expensive, especially considering a lot of it is not subject to insurance coverage. You may not know that Lumineers and other kinds of porcelain veneers are usually priced per tooth. So some patients prefer to only do front teeth, or only one arch.

Lumineers cost per tooth can vary based on the kind of coverage needed. Lumineers disguise teeth with chips, cracks, breaks, stains, or spacing/crowding issues. If your teeth are worse than the norm, the Lumineers process may be more complicated, meaning your price will go up.

Lumineeers pricing also depends on whether you live in a rural region as opposed to a beauty capital. And within these economic parameters, the pricing may split even further. For instance, how experienced is the provider? What kind of clientele does the provider prefer? How much overhead does the provider have, and what fees are involved with the laboratory?

If you do your homework, you can go into your Lumineers treatment with your eyes open—not just your mouth. Remember, most dentists offer discounts and financing options to qualified patients.

For more about Lumineers expense, ask your Los Angeles Lumineers provider.

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