What are Veneers Made of?

smiling beautiful young woman

Dental veneers are a popular option in dentistry today. They are thin shells made of porcelain that are bonded to the front services of the teeth. Several cosmetic flaws can be masked with veneers, allowing patients to avoid the lengthy and costly process of addressing each one individually.

Dental veneers can cover flaws such as:

• Chips and cracks
• Stains and discolorations
• Small and misshapen teeth
• Crooked teeth
• Gaps and crowding
• And more

Patients appreciate veneers for their many benefits, several of which are due to the material they are made of. Porcelain is used often in dentistry, as it is very similar to our natural teeth. It is strong and durable, able to handle bite forces that our teeth sustain every day. Furthermore, it reflects light in the same way our dental enamel does, giving the appearance that nothing has been added to the smile. Most importantly, porcelain is resistant to stains, allowing patients to keep their smile as bright and white as possible. Dentists use porcelain for crowns, fillings, and tooth replacements, as well.

Patients can learn more about veneers and porcelain, or schedule a consultation with our Beverly Hills dental veneers dentist today.


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