Best Candidates for Lumineers

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As an aesthetic product, it makes sense that Lumineers has clear boundaries. Some of them are architectural, like the shape of your gums and height of each tooth. Others are physiologic, like how your bite forms. Finally, you should be in good dental health to expect Lumineers.

Of course, if you were in perfect dental health you wouldn’t need Lumineers at all. This relates to Lumineers being an aesthetic, or cosmetic, product. The ultra-thin laminates are meant to camouflage flaws in your teeth that are visual, not structural. So you can have bad teeth, but not unhealthy teeth.

Our expert in Lumineers in Los Angeles has identified the following short list of qualifications for Lumineers:

• No periodontal disease
• No significant tooth decay
• No bruxism (tooth grinding)
• Strong and sufficient enamel
• No malocclusion or bite malformation

When asking what Lumineers can do for you, remember it is not recommended for a serious orthodontic question. You can’t skip braces or orthodontic therapy and just cover those flaws with Lumineers. Once you schedule a consult, our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles will evaluate your teeth and your candidacy. We always recommend that potential Lumineers clients be up-to-date with their checkups and cleanings before proceeding.


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