Are Porcelain Veneers Worth It?

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Veneers make it possible to smile attractively even while carrying dead or injured teeth, or teeth that are broken or cracked. They do this in a process that is half illusion half modification, a process that requires a lot of complicity between you and your dentist.

You should not set your hopes Hollywood high, as you probably do not have the budget. At any rate many celebrity dental makeovers are designed for the screen, not the street, as they can look fake otherwise. Our dentists can make you a veneer plan that gets you the coverage you need, with as little psychological and financial risk as possible.

The “illusion” part of veneers is simply that your teeth will look better than they are, due to the veneers camouflaging the cracks or chips. The “modification” part comes at the beginning, when the dentist must shave down the enamel on all affected teeth. This is to make sure the laminate fits correctly, and does not look bulky or unnatural.

Whether or not you want something this invasive depends on your commitment to smiling flawlessly for the next 20 years, which is how long most porcelain veneers last. Obviously, the veneers process is not reversible since you cannot put back the enamel once taken off.


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