When is Crown Lengthening an Option?

Happy patient

Crown lengthening began as a useful way to add bone to the gumline, when a tooth needed a crown. Recently, it has come into vogue as a cosmetic procedure as well. This is because people with gummy smiles want to show more teeth. Gummy smiles can be genetic, but they can also develop because of a hyperactive muscle, or due to abnormal tooth eruption.

If you have a gummy smile, crown lengthening either adds bone or subtracts gingival tissue, for a contouring effect. Not only will your smile be toothier, you can also count on your gum health improving, and your risk of periodontal disease decreasing.

But crown lengthening is still a valuable restorative service. If a tooth has decayed significantly, or if a tooth broke off at or near the gum line, a crown can rebuild structure and function. But a crown needs volume, and crown lengthening provides that. The procedure is similar to filling a tooth, and our expert in crown lengthening in Northridge will most likely divide it into two sessions: first the rebuild (addition or subtraction of bone or tissue), and then the install (placing of the crown).

For more, contact our cosmetic dentist in Northridge.

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