Types of Dental Bonding


Small chips, worn enamel, and discolorations can detract from your smile, but these minor flaws might not warrant a complete smile makeover. Dental bonding can be a good alternative. Dental bonding is a procedure that can be used to correct minor aesthetic flaws without the need for any extensive preparation or invasive treatments. our dentist in Santa Clara offers a variety of bonding options.

The most common bonding material is composite resin. This is the same material that is used for white fillings. It is a soft, easily moldable mixture of plastic and glass that is applied directly over the flaw and then shaped and polished to match the surface of the tooth. It is strong, durable, and closely matches the color of natural dental enamel.

Glass ionomer and polycarboxylate cement are also used for dental bonding. This type of bonding requires no etching or conditioning liquid. The material has a thick, paste-like consistency that allows it to be shaped easily, and bonds securely with the tooth.

Dental amalgam is also used for bonding. Amalgam is the same material used for silver fillings. This type of bonding is typically used in conjunction with resin. Amalgam is extremely durable and strong, but is less aesthetically pleasing than other types of bonding.

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