Aftercare Instructions for Root Canal

Beautiful caucasian naked woman lying on a table.

Proper root canal aftercare tasks can ensure that your treated tooth heals properly and reduces the risk of complications. We will give you detailed instructions based on your individual needs.

After your procedure, you will need someone to drive you home if you were sedated during the procedure. If you have been prescribed antibiotics, take them exactly as directed. Antibiotics combat bacterial infections, and even if your symptoms subside, you still need to continue taking them to kill all remaining bacteria. If you are prescribed pain medication, make sure that you are taking it as recommended. You may need to take it at a certain time of day, or with or without foods. Pain medication can affect the way you feel, so you might need to avoid driving while you take it. Pain should decrease in the days following your procedure, but this can take a while depending on the amount of inflammation before the procedure.

If your tooth was given a temporary filling, schedule an appointment to have the permanent restoration placed. Finally, keep your teeth clean during and after your recovery. Regular brushing and flossing will keep plaque and bacteria under control. Call our endodontists in LA to schedule your consultation.

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