Is an Invisalign Retainer Always Needed?

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During orthodontic treatment, carefully applied forces are used to move teeth through the bone. These light, constant pressures allow teeth to move in predictable ways, as the periodontal ligament is compressed and bone is resorbed on one side of the tooth and deposited in the opposite area. Invisalign uses specially designed aligners to move teeth according to a predetermined treatment plan. After the active phase of treatment is complete, you will enter the retention phase of treatment.

The Invisalign retainer looks much like an Invisalign aligner, but it fits the teeth precisely without applying pressure. It will prevent the teeth from moving out of their final positions. The retainer is necessary because your teeth are constantly exposed to some pressures, which force them to move. You may not notice these forces from biting, chewing, and other oral functions, but over time, they can cause your teeth to move and shift. In order to maintain your orthodontic treatment results, you will need to wear your retainer.

Initially, you might need to wear your retainer around the clock. This will eventually be reduced to only at night. Some patients are able to further reduce their wear to just a few nights a week, but this can vary based on individual needs. Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with our Los Angeles orthodontists.


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