How Long Does Invisalign Express Treatment Last?

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Invisalign is the top choice for patients who require orthodontic treatment. Invisalign straightens teeth, corrects the bite, and fixes spacing issues. The treatment is comprised of clear, plastic aligners shaped similar to mouth guards. These aligners are see-through enough to allow patients discretion during their treatment, and seamless enough for comfort. Regular Invisalign treatment takes about fifteen months to complete, but Invisalign Express is also available for some patients.

Invisalign Express is perfect for those with only minor orthodontic issues needing correction. Express can correct the same issues Invisalign Full can, but only those that are within a certain extent. For example:

• Minimal rotation of the incisors, cuspids, and bicuspids
• Less than two millimeters of gaps or crowding per arch
• Less than two millimeters of midline correction required
• Less than three millimeters of arch expansion total

This treatment option is appreciated by patients who wish to perfect their smile before a significant event in their life, such as a graduation or big birthday. Express requires only about ten aligners over the course of six months, compared to the twenty or thirty aligners needed for Full. Our Invisalign Express dentist in Los Angeles can inform you if you are a candidate for this treatment at a consultation appointment.

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