How to Find Invisalign Discounts

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Invisalign treatment is not cheap. Understandably then, many people are curious about ways to get treatment at a discount.

An internet search for Invisalign discount in Los Angeles will yield many results. But most of these results should be pursued with caution. Many discount Invisalign services are offered by inexperienced dentists, and more often than not, you get what you pay for with such practices. There is one solution, though, that may be worth considering.

Dental schools offer dental services, including Invisalign, at discounted prices. Student dentists are trained in these programs by seeing real patients and treating their issues. Though the students themselves have little experience, they are closely supervised by faculty, who are highly experienced dentists. These programs give patients the opportunity to receive needed dental treatment at discounted prices while still under the watchful eye of experts. This may be a great opportunity for those who would otherwise not be able to afford the treatment.

If you prefer to get Invisalign treatment at a regular orthodontic practice, ask about discount opportunities. Many Los Angeles orthodontists offer a discount for paying the entire cost of the treatment up front. If you cannot afford to pay the entire cost up front, speak with your dentist about other options they may offer.

If you need help assessing your options for paying for Invisalign, call our office for a consultation to discuss your situation.

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