Candidates for Mini Implants

smiling beautiful young woman

Dental implant is the best option for replacing one or several missing teeth. Getting an implant involves drilling a hole into the jawbone and placing a titanium post, which requires several months to fuse and heal. Some patients do not need a regular-sized implant, or are unable to undergo the process required. These patients may be candidates for mini dental implants.

Mini dental implants are very similar to regular implants, but much smaller. These are usually placed in the areas the jawbone is thinner, so are often used to replace the teeth at the front of the mouth. Candidates for mini dental implants include those:

  • Without enough bone for normal implants
  • Who have worn dentures for a long amount of time
  • With good oral health
  • And good overall health

Some patients do not have adequate bone tissue in the area in question, even if it is not at the front of the mouth, making mini implants necessary. Denture wearers can get several of this restoration to use in conjunction with their dentures, which could help to keep them in place.

Potential patients can talk with our Los Angeles tooth implants expert to see if they make a good candidate for mini implants.


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