What Can Be Done with Damaged or Weak Teeth?

Autumn womanTeeth that become damaged or weakened need treatment to preserve their health and longevity. Different treatments are available depending on the source of the problem.

Teeth that are damaged due to trauma or decay can be restored to preserve their health and protect them from future damage. Depending on the severity of the damage, a filling or a crown can be used to restore and strengthen the tooth.

Teeth can also become weakened from enamel erosion. This leaves them more vulnerable to the effects of harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay. Fluoride rinses can help to strengthen weakened enamel. But a crown is the best way to preserve the overall health of a natural tooth.

Though root canal therapy is performed to save a tooth, it also weakens a tooth. Live tooth pulp, the inside layer of the tooth consisting of the nerves and blood vessels that nourish the tooth, helps the tooth to remain strong and healthy. Removing the pulp, as is done in root canal therapy, leaves the tooth brittle and fragile, and more susceptible to fracture. For this reason, our expert in emergency dental crowns in Los Angeles recommends a crown to protect and provide stability for any tooth that has undergone root canal therapy.

If you have a damaged or weakened tooth, call our Los Angeles emergency dentistry expert to find out what can be done to preserve and protect your tooth.


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