How Should Invisalign Aligners be Cleaned?

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Just because you don’t eat with your Invisalign aligners on, doesn’t mean they don’t get dirty. In fact, they can accumulate the same type of stuff that sticks to your teeth, like bacteria and saliva. Because you wear your aligners so often (at least twenty hours a day), and because you are trying to make your teeth healthier on the whole, you should be sure to clean your trays every day.

Our orthodontist in Rocklin will assure you that cleaning your Invisalign aligners is an easy task, and there are several ways available to do so. Align Technology, the company that designed Invisalign, offers a cleaning care unit to all of their customers. This is comprised of crystals that create a cleaning solution when added to water. There are some commercial solution alternatives available online or in some stores. Some patients also prefer sonic units, which create a sort of vibrating bath to increase effectiveness. Patients should be aware that mouthwash is not recommended for these purposes. Though it may seem like mouthwash is qualified for the task, it has proven to be ineffective and can even stain the color of your aligners.

Your aligners should be rinsed free of any leftover solution, as the cleaning liquids should not enter your mouth. After soaking, aligners should be lightly brushed. Our expert in Invisalign aligners can give you more thorough instructions regarding cleaning practices.

What are the Common Treatments for Sleep Apnea?

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More than six million Americans currently suffer from sleep apnea. This is a disorder wherein the muscles in the throat constrict during sleep, not allowing the patient to get the amount of sleep they need. It causes loud snoring, listlessness, and weight gain. Fortunately, there are several different types of sleep apnea treatment available that have proven successful in allowing patients to get good nights of sleep.

Common sleep apnea treatments

A Thousand Oaks sleep apnea dentist may start you out with minimal lifestyle adjustments, in order to find a solution with the least amount of difficulty for you. These changes may include diet restrictions, reducing stress, or a shift in sleep position.

If a combination of simple adjustments does not yield results, a mouth appliance will likely be recommended next. Mouth guards work by keeping the jaw in a certain place to allow for more room in the throat for air to travel through. Some mouth guards hold just the jaw forward, while others hold the jaw and the tongue.

The next step is trying a CPAP machine. This involves a mask that is placed over the mouth and straps around the back of your head. It is attached to a machine that will supply a consistent stream of air into the nose while you sleep.

What is the History of Invisalign?

Junge Frau setzt lächelnd Zahnspange in den Mund

Not too long ago, if you wanted straighter teeth your only option was traditional metal braces. Conspicuous, clunky, and not desired by many, braces were at least effective in straightening the teeth, correcting special issues, and realigning. Fortunately, our cosmetic dentists in Agoura Hills now have an option very unlike braces in both look and function, that can achieve much the same results.

Invisalign was created in 1997 by Stanford student Zia Chishti, who had just finished his own orthodontic treatment. After the removal of his brackets, he was given a retainer that would prevent his teeth from moving back to their old positions, and he wondered why something like this couldn’t be used in the place of metal braces. Back at school, Chishti partnered up with a friend, and together they worked with developers to turn this idea into a reality.

Using 3D printing technology and other resourced from the school, the team worked in a garage to create a product and a system that correlated with the various stages of the orthodontic process. From this came Align Technology and what we now know today as Invisalign.

To find out if this treatment is a good fit for you and your orthodontic needs, schedule a visit with our Invisalign doctor in Agoura Hills.

Is Oral Surgery Required for Treating Periodontal Disease?

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There are two types of gum disease. Gingivitis, the term most are more familiar with, refers to mild gum disease. The second type, periodontitis, is more severe. Periodontitis occurs when bacteria and other particles form in the mouth, which results in gum-damaging plaque when not brushed away. Fortunately, periodontists have a few different ways of eliminating this disease, and may need to resort to surgery.

At home

The main goal of gum disease treatment is to control the infection. Any ways your Los Angeles periodontist employs in office is best supplemented by care at home. Regular and attentive brushing is necessary, and you will be required to eliminate any related bad habits, such as smoking.

Deep cleaning

A scaling and root planning is a common procedure used to restore the health and integrity of the gums. Scaling involves removing tartar above and below the gum line, while root planing gets rid of rough spots on the roots of the tooth where germs collect. This process may require a laser. The result is less bleeding, swelling, and discomfort.

Anti-inflammatory medications may also be prescribed at this time to reduce infection. If these previously described tactics are unsuccessful, your oral surgeon in Los Angeles may recommend a flap surgery or a bone and tissue graft.

What are the Benefits of Smile Makeovers?

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Our smile is our most important feature, and we all want to look our best. It is no wonder, then, that smile makeovers are so popular.

When more than one dental procedure is needed to improve your smile, the overall process is generally referred to as a smile makeover. Procedures utilized in a smile makeover can be restorative or purely cosmetic, with the overall goal being to improve the appearance of your smile. They can range from simple treatments like teeth whitening to complex procedures such as dental implants. There are a number of benefits to getting a smile makeover.

Corrects Many Dental Issues

Are your teeth stained? Do you have visible chips or unsightly gaps? Do your teeth look crooked or oddly shaped? No matter your issues, a smile makeover can fix it.

Variety of Procedures

With dental implants, bridges, porcelain crowns and veneers, bonding, teeth whitening, orthodontics and many other treatments at our disposal, a smile makeover can be created to match the budget, time parameters and personal needs of any patient.

Confidence Boost

No longer any need to hide your smile out of embarrassment. Hold your head high and proud with your beautiful new smile. A smile makeover will increase your confidence and improve your life.

To learn what a smile makeover can do for you, contact our North Hollywood cosmetic dentist today.

How Do Dentures Replace the Teeth?

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Currently, 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, and 35 million are missing all of their teeth. Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth, and a common option for many patients. Many are unaware that partial dentures are available for those who are missing more than one tooth in a row. If your smile features some blank spaces, and your dentist in Agoura Hills has recommended dentures, you may be wondering how they work.

Dentures have a natural looking acrylic base that use suction to stick to the gums. Dentures for the top row of teeth cover the palate, or the roof of your mouth, while the ones on the bottom are shaped to fit around the tongue. Our dentist in Agoura Hills will take x-rays and impressions that will be used to create dentures that fit perfectly, so you experienced the least amount of discomfort possible. Dentures can be removed if needed, such as at night or when cleaning them.

Dentures can last years, so it is important to take care of them and keep them clean. Our expert in dentures in Agoura Hills can offer the best information and advice to those replacing their smile with full or partial dentures.

Benefits of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

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If you are in need of extensive dental treatment to improve your smile, a full mouth reconstruction may be the answer. This involves treatments that are both restorative and aesthetic in nature.

In a full mouth reconstruction, dentists and specialists such as orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists and oral surgeons work together to transform a smile. Decayed teeth are restored. Missing teeth are replaced. Stained teeth are whitened. For those who are suffering from extensive dental issues, a full mouth reconstruction is life changing. Besides improving overall oral health, a beautiful new smile increases confidence and improves self-esteem.

Our expert in full mouth reconstruction in West Hollywood is able to address all dental issues, no matter how big or small. Here is a look at the treatments that can be utilized.

• Porcelain veneers to correct minor defects and improve appearance
• Porcelain crowns to restore teeth with more significant problems
• Dental implants or bridges to replace missing teeth
• Orthodontic braces to improve jaw alignment and reposition the teeth
• Root canal therapy to save natural teeth
• Tooth extractions to remove wisdom teeth or teeth that cannot be saved through root canal therapy
• Deep cleanings and other periodontal procedures to treat gum disease

To find out what a full mouth reconstruction can do for you, call to schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in West Hollywood.

Candidates for Mini Dental Implants

Dental implant

Implants are largely considered the most effective and natural way to replace a missing tooth. Unlike dentures, an implant is placed into the jawbone in order to replace the tooth root, and provide a more stable, functional artificial replacement. Good candidates for implants include those who are free of gum disease, have no other outstanding dental issues, and have enough jaw bone tissue to support the titanium screw. If your Los Angeles teeth implant dentist has informed you that you are a good candidate for mini dental implants, you may be wondering what that means.

Mini dental implants are very similar to traditional implants, but much smaller. They therefore require much less treatment and recovery time. They also require less bone to fuse to, making them the best option for patients lacking bone density, or need a replacement tooth in a more narrow area of the jaw.

Patients who qualify for mini tooth implants can complete treatment in one appointment, unlike traditional implants, which take multiple appointments and several months to heal and complete. With their new replacement tooth, patients can enjoy a new smile, restored in both function and appearance, while avoiding the serious dental and overall health risks of a missing tooth.

Advantages of Digital Dental X-Rays

Examining radiography

Dental X-rays are often used to monitor changes in your smile, identify dental diseases below the gumline and between teeth, or plan treatment. Our Torrance dentist uses digital dental X-rays, which offer many advantages over conventional dental X-rays.

Digital X-rays are processed quickly and are immediately sent to a computer screen where you can easily see the image. There is no need for the film to be processed with special chemicals, and the images are bright, crisp, and clear. We can adjust the colors and contrast so that you can see specific features more clearly. We can even enlarge the images.

Unlike conventional X-rays, digital images are easy to print, copy, and send electronically to insurance companies or dental specialists as needed. This can speed up your treatment or simplify claims processing. Because they eliminate the need for film and the chemicals associated with the film, they are even more environmentally friendly.

With digital X-rays, you will spend less time in the dental chair and more time understanding your treatment options. There is even less radiation involved in administering the X-rays. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your next appointment with our expert in digital dental X-rays in Torrance.

Dentists Who Offer Invisalign

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment used to straighten teeth, close gaps, and fix bites. Useful for teens and adults alike, Invisalign treatment consists of clear trays, or aligners, that apply pressure to the teeth in order to move them to the right places. Patients can enjoy the freedom the treatment provides, which allows you to remove the aligners when you eat and clean your teeth. If you are looking forward to straightening your teeth and fixing your smile, it is important to know whether you should see a dentist or an orthodontist.

While both must attend years of schooling to become experts in their field, dentist and orthodontist deal with very different dental issues. General dentists are considered doctors of oral health. They address oral diseases, x-rays and diagnostic tests, oral hygiene, and basic surgical procedures on the teeth, bone, and soft tissue. While a dentist is able to inspect the health of your teeth in relation to where they’re placed, they are not necessarily equipped to fix such issues.

Orthodontists specialize in where the teeth are placed in the mouth. This includes gaps, crowded teeth, and bites. Many orthodontists are Invisalign specialists, meaning that they have more than sufficient experience treating patients with this innovative option.