Emergency Cases for Dental Implants

Dental implant

Losing a tooth or needing one removed by a professional is considered and emergency situation. Emergencies require immediate attention, so it is very inconvenient to have to wait for a replacement tooth. In the past, implants took months to be completed, as the jaw requires time for healing. Thanks to modern technology, however, we are now able to provide dental implants in cases of emergency in just one appointment.

Same day dental implants are available from our emergency dentists in Los Angeles for a single tooth, multiple teeth, and even all of the teeth. Waiting for an implant can be dangerous. The empty space can cause the surrounding teeth to fill it, thus affecting all of the teeth in the jaw. Bone loss or bone resorption is also a common problem. By replacing the tooth or teeth as soon as possible, you are taking vital steps toward restored dental health. With the opportunity of same day implants, you will not have to wait before your smile is back to the way it should look and function.

Our expert in emergency dental implants in Los Angeles can ensure you walk out of your appointment with a replacement tooth that will help you eat, speak, and smile.


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