When is a Dental Extraction Necessary?

Happy patient

As a general rule, dentists and patients alike want to avoid the loss of a tooth. But sometimes tooth extraction becomes necessary to preserve overall oral health. A tooth extraction can be an isolated event, or it may be part of the overall treatment plan for a smile make over in Los Angeles. There are a number of reasons that a tooth may need to be removed.

• Badly damaged tooth: If a tooth is too badly damaged from decay or trauma to be restored, it will need to be removed.
• Overcrowding: Sometimes, prior to orthodontic treatment a tooth needs to be extracted if the jaw is too small to accommodate all of the teeth.
• Impacted tooth: If there is not enough space for a tooth to break through the gumline completely, it may need to be removed.
• Infected tooth: If an infected tooth cannot be treated by root canal therapy, it will need to be removed to prevent the spread of infection. This can occur in cases of severe infection or when there is a fracture in the tooth.
• Loose teeth: If teeth become loose due to periodontal disease, they may need to be extracted.

If you need to have a tooth removed, ensure the extraction is performed by someone with experience. contact our expert in dental extraction in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.


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