Success Rate of Root Canals

Happy patient

Are you contemplating a root canal to save one of your teeth? If so, you are probably wondering how likely the procedure is to be successful.

Though the overall success rate of initial root canal treatment is more than 85 percent, certain factors can impact the likelihood of success.

Experience of the Dentist

Experience of the dentist is the most important factor in the success of any root canal treatment. To lessen the chance of failure of the root canal, it is always best to receive treatment from a dentist who is highly experienced in the procedure.

Difficulty of the Treatment

Some cases are more difficult than others. Sometimes a canal is oddly shaped or there is an obstruction in the canal, limiting the ability to get all the way to the bottom of the canal. Whatever the reason for the more difficult case, the best way to maximize the chance of success of the procedure is by having it performed by a highly experienced dentist.

Delaying Restoration

After root canal therapy, it becomes very important to prevent the ability of bacteria to reenter the tooth. This is normally done by having a permanent crown placed on the tooth after the procedure. Any delay in getting this crown will increase the risk of failure of the root canal.

To learn more about what can impact the success of a root canal, contact our dentist in West Hollywood to schedule a consultation.


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