When are Braces Most Effective?

Happy teen with  braces

Braces are still the best, most effective orthodontic treatment available for patients, which is why our Northridge dentist provides it as an option. But one of the most common lines of questions all dentists get is about when the best time to get braces is.
The reality is that no one is ever too old to receive braces, so long as their bones are strong enough to support their movement. In fact, the fastest-growing sector of the industry are adult patients seeking treatment that they were not able to get when they were younger. Indeed, some estimates show that adults of all ages now make up around half of all patients with braces today, which is profoundly different from just ten years ago.

However, the best time to undergo orthodontic treatment is when you are a teenager and still growing, but only for one specific reason. This is because the treatment is able to take advantage of the still-growing body and mouth of the patient. Doing so can sometimes significantly reduce treatment times. But with that single advantage of getting them when you are younger, there is no time when braces are more effective.

To attain the benefits of the treatment as soon as possible, contact our expert in braces in Northridge to schedule a consultation.

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