Why Dental Treatments are Important for Children

Five young friends standing outdoors smiling
Children lose their primary teeth by the time they are teenagers. Even so, these “baby teeth” serve a very important function in the development of permanent teeth. Without the aid of primary teeth, the permanent teeth would not come into proper alignment, requiring orthodontic treatment later. Therefore, proper care for primary teeth is essential for a child’s oral health.

In early childhood, primary teeth have immature enamel, making these teeth less resistant to cavities and decay. Therefore, caring for a child’s baby teeth should begin even before the teeth appear. Parents can help keep an infant’s mouth bacteria free by wiping the gums off with a clean, damp cloth every day. Once teeth appear, they should be gently brushed with an infant toothbrush after every feeding.

Dental appointments should begin early in childhood for proper fluoride cleanings and to monitor teeth for problems. If a cavity appears, it is important that it be caught early and treated, so that the tooth can be saved. To prevent and treat tooth decay in children, our dentist in North Hollywood provides services including sealants, fillings, crowns and root canals.

To protect the health of your child’s teeth today and for years to come, contact our pediatric dentist in North Hollywood today.


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