What Types of Emergencies Can Happen with Dental Implants?

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Since dental implants are typically made of titanium, they are generally very durable and highly bio-compatible. Still, it is possible for an emergency to happen involving your dental implants.

A severe blow to the face is an example of an event that can cause an implant to crack or fracture. Implants are stronger than they have ever been, but they are unfortunately not invincible. If the fracture happens in such a way that it impacts the living tissue that surrounds the implant, such as cutting into the bone or gums, you will need to visit our emergency dentist. It is also possible for an implant to fail because of a condition known as peri-implantitis. In some instances, an implant may need to be removed as a result.

Although it is rare, it is also possible for severe nerve damage to occur during the placement of the implant. This can happen with an inexperienced surgeon who places the implant incorrectly. There is also a risk with upper teeth of puncturing the sinus cavity. As a result, the sinus cavity can become infected or inflamed. An X-ray or a CT scan may need to be taken, followed by corrective surgery.

If you are having an implant-related emergency, contact our expert in emergency dental implants in Los Angeles as soon as possible.


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