Harmful Effects of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a booming industry, with even whitening toothpaste outselling regular brands. But it is important to recognize that the treatment is not without its dangers.

Potential Problems

1. Sensitive teeth
This is almost a given with any whitening. This is because enamel is what protects the tooth from sensitivity and peroxide in whitening products is designed to penetrate it. Usually this is temporary, but happens in about half of all users of over-the-counter treatments.
2. Sharp stabbing pains
While this is certainly less common, happening in about 1 in 25 patients, it can be nearly debilitating. Usually, this problem is caused by inappropriate usage of whitening products, including using them for longer periods at a time or with greater frequency than recommended.
3. Gum sensitivity
This is a common problem, which is caused by the whitening agent getting on the gums. This can cause them to turn white or become red with irritation and potentially feel like they were burned.
4. Translucent or bluish colored teeth
This is a rare problem, but is can be the result of over-bleaching of teeth. This is what can happen if a patient uses a treatment more often than recommended or for longer durations than recommended.

Problems with teeth whitening, however, are not inherent and can easily be avoided in most cases. Talk to our teeth whitening doctor in Beverly Hills to learn more.


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